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Upskill Your Drone Flying Technique for Building Inspection

Take the next steps on your professional UAV journey with our practical course.

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How can we inspect skyscraper over 100-story such as ICC, Cheung Kong Center, HSBC Headquarter in Hong Kong?


"Practical Application of Drone for Building and Infrastructure Inspection”

The 2-day course aims to equip pilot with drone advanced operation with professional knowledge and skills in building inspection application through extensive learning activities such as sharing session on real case studies, hands-on experience and assessment. 

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Why learn with us?

Global Prospective Drone Market Outlook

Potential for drone growth in building inspection is extensive with prospective Smart City Initiative

Sharing of Case Studies with Hands-on Experience

Pioneering UAV+AI facade inspection projects such as ICC, Megabox and Metroplaza

Qualified Remote Pilots under New SUA Order

Our instructors are qualified registered remote pilots and able to conduct operations under new SUA order (Cap. 448G)

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